Blizzard has released a new video detailing major upcoming changes to ranked play in Heroes of the Storm. The system will feature new tiers, divisions and epic rewards.

MOBA Heroes of the Storm will see some major changes when the game’s new Ranked Play mode launches later this month. Dubbed the “Ranked Play Revamp” by developer Blizzard Entertainment, the upcoming patch will introduce a new laddering system as well as new end-of-season rewards and other adjustments to the one-year-old game.

To help gamers get up to speed on what to expect, Blizzard has released a new Heroes of the Storm video that walks players through the major bullet points.

First up, Blizzard is getting rid of the 50 different ranks players could climb within the game’s current competitive modes. Instead, the Irvine, CA developer will be introducing Tiers and Divisions to the game.

The seven tiers are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grand Master. Each tier up to Diamond is also broken into 5 divisions, with the lowest ranked players in each tier starting at division 5.

If this sounds familiar, Blizzard’s own Starcraft II uses similar tiers for its competitive multiplayer. Some MOBA fans may also point out that League of Legends features a somewhat similar ranked format.

Blizzard says moving from one division up to another within a tier will require 1000 rank points. Players should receive about 200 rank points per win, modified by the challenge of each match.

Blizzard is hopeful that these changes will give each player a better feel for where they stand in comparison to the millions of other gamers across the player base.

The Ranked Play revamp will also introduce seasons to the game. At the start of each season, players will play ten qualifying matches to decide where they are placed within the tier system. Promotion and Demotion Matches will be available for players to either earn their way into a new division or to defend their current standing before being kicked down a peg.

At Master tier, instead of using divisions, players will simply track the number of ranked points that they have accumulated, with the very best players being promoted to Grand Master, where they will see their official ranking.

heroes of the storm ranked play screen

Ranked Play will kick off on June 14th and each season will last between eight to twelve weeks, based on community feedback. At the end of each season, players will receive rewards based on the highest rank they achieved. Rewards will be given for both Hero and Team League, and will include gold, special portraits, epic mounts and more.

This revamp is the biggest change made to Heroes of the Storm since the game officially left open beta last June. What’s interesting is that while Blizzard designed HotS to be different from other MOBAs like League of Legends, the developer has slowly been making adjustments that seem to be positioning the game to be more in line with the market leaders in some aspects. One major adjustment last year was when Blizzard decided to start differentiating between kills and assists for each player, instead of just crediting the entire team for each kill, as was the original plan.

Blizzard has been working hard to turn HotS into a popular eSport, but the game’s following pales in comparison to that of League or DotA 2. Perhaps these latest changes will push players of other MOBAs into giving Blizzard’s title a try.

Heroes of the Storm is out now on PC.