To celebrate the start of the new year, Blizzard announces a special event for Heroes of the Storm this coming weekend that makes all of the game’s heroes free to play.

While it may not get quite as much attention as Blizzard’s other games, the MOBA (or “hero brawler,” as Blizzard likes to call it) Heroes of the Storm is still going strong, nearly two years since its initial launch. Anyone curious about what Heroes of the Storm entails have a great opportunity to play it this coming weekend, as Blizzard is making all of the game’s characters free to play for a limited time.

As announced by BlizzardHeroes of the Storm‘s free weekend begins on January 13th at 10:00 AM and ends on January 16th at the same time. During this period, all characters in the game, including newly added heroes like Zul’jin, can be played without players having to spend a dime. This should give dedicated fans the chance to test out new characters and see if they’re worth the cash once the event ends, and it should also give newcomers a good reason to finally try out the game.

Besides free characters, Heroes of the Storm‘s free weekend doesn’t seem to add any other new content to the game. It may even signal the end of the Diablo 20th anniversary event that the game is currently running, where players are able to earn a Diablo-themed portrait. Of course, that’s just speculation at this time, and the Diablo event may very well continue until the end of January, as it is with Blizzard’s other games.

heroes of the storm ranked play

Even if the free weekend does bring the Diablo event to an end, it will likely return next January, and there will be many other events for Heroes of the Storm throughout 2017. Blizzard is dedicated to supporting the game with regular updates, which in the past has included new maps and game modes, like Blackheart’s Revenge, along with new heroes like Overwatch‘s Zarya.

As long as Heroes of the Storm is able to maintain its popularity, fans can expect a number of updates in 2017 like the ones listed above. Specifically, they may be able to expect more Overwatch characters to make their way to the MOBA, especially as Overwatch seems to be rising through the ranks of Blizzard’s most popular game. After all, Overwatch won Game of the Year in 2016 from numerous outlets, including The Game Awards, and it has shown no signs of slowing down.

By adding more Overwatch characters to Heroes of the Storm, along with other characters from its biggest games, Blizzard can ensure that fans stay engaged with it throughout the new year. The upcoming free weekend event should also go a long way in keeping fans interested, as it gives Heroes of the Storm veterans the chance to play new characters, and it gives those curious about the game an excuse to finally download it and see what all the fuss is about.

Heroes of the Storm is available now for PC.