Is This Heroes of the Storm's Next Overwatch Character?

Heroes of the Storm Genji Leak

Heroes of the Storm fans are curious what two heroes Blizzard plans on announcing as part of the game's 2.0 event over the coming month, but a leak may have spoiled at least one reveal. During a summit event for the update taking place in Paris, a Russian YouTuber captured some footage of fellow media playing a version of the game not yet available to the public. Internet detectives then pored through the footage and discovered an icon resembling none other than Overwatch's Genji.

Heroes of the Storm adding Genji isn't necessarily a new rumor. A 4Chan-related anonymous leak from months ago that's proved surprisingly accurate had the cyborg ninja on its shortlist of upcoming Heroes. This, however, is a much more tangible leak, especially in relation to Blizzard's announced upcoming Hero announcements. Genji appears to be available to play, not just in production.

As Genji popped up at a Heroes of the Storm 2.0 event, it stands to reason that he will be one of the characters released during this upcoming month. There are two characters scheduled to be announced, one on April 17 and one on May 4. Genji would be the fourth Overwatch character to join Heroes of the Storm, behind Tracer, Zarya, and most recently, Lucio.

Heroes of the Storm Genji Leak

Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm fans are already speculating as to what Genji's skill-set might be. Some are curious as to whether Genji will feature the ability to auto attack while moving like Tracer and Lucio are able to. Some are curious if his auto attack can be switched between throwing three shuriken in a line as opposed to at angles. And of course everyone's staying positive and constructive over the idea of another assassin with a dash ability.

The reveal of Genji has led many Heroes of the Storm players, and Blizzard fans in general, to theorize that there's a much larger Overwatch-themed event upcoming for the MOBA. Not only will a new Battleground be revealed on the day the next Hero debuts, but later a new cinematic trailer, Nexus Challenge, and event is planned to start. This is all coinciding with Overwatch starting up its own new event as well. If next week sees both Genji and a King's Row-themed Battleground revealed, something big is certainly afoot.

Heroes of the Storm is available now on PC and is free to play, with the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 patch currently in testing, but set to launch on April 18.

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