Heroes of the Storm has loads of cosmetic items for players to choose from, but one detail that is catching players off-guard right now in the Public Test Region servers is the addition of mustaches onto a load of characters. Some Heroes of the Storm cosmetics are already bizarre, but the mustaches shared on Imgur raise some questions.

Not every character has gotten a mustache painted onto their face, but over a dozen have. The mustaches have found their way onto human, non-human, male, and female characters alike. These mustaches come with Heroes of the Storm’s most recent PTR update, which included the new hero Garrosh and a load of new cosmetic items. The mustaches were not mentioned in Blizzard’s patch notes, though, and aren’t just a part of special skins, as they have even been added to some characters’ default skins.

heroes of the storm mustaches

To some degree, the mustaches look like they could be error related, as there is a curious dark strip below some characters bottom lip that doesn’t look as much like a beard as the dark strip above the upper lip looks like a mustache. Some of the mustaches fit quite well, though, as with the Overwatch hero Tracer. A game designer from Blizzard commented on a Reddit post about the mustaches, but the response doesn’t clarify if these are a bug or a joke.

Accident or not, some players and commentators may speculate that this is another move by Blizzard to create a more inclusive community, with mustaches on female characters being a way to challenge gender norms. Blizzard has already made moves to be more inclusive with the announcement that one of Overwatch’s most beloved characters is gay.

Whatever the case may be, the mustaches will draw some attention to the game and may get more players to check out the PTR, as serious players will likely be interested in trying out the mustachioed version of their favorite characters first hand. That’s good news for Blizzard, as more players mean more testing; and it’s good news for players, as more testing means a more polished release on public servers.

Heroes of the Storm is out now for PC.

Source: Imgur via Reddit