Heroes of the Storm Free Mega Hero Bundles Incoming, Genji Excluded

Heroes of the Storm Mega Hero Bundles

As part of the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 relaunch Blizzard's making available several free "Mega Hero Bundles" for new players to choose from. Four separate bundles will be made available, each including 20 of Heroes of the Storm's heroes. Any player who logs in between the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 launch and May 22 can unlock one of the four bundles, or opt out and keep 100 Gems – enough for one of the new standard Loot Chests.

The four bundles are split by playstyle: Assassin; Tank & Bruiser; Support & Specialist; and a Flex bundle. Each bundle includes 20 heroes, but they aren't wholly unique. There's a bit of crossover, especially in the Flex pack which includes a selection of heroes from each of the other groups. There're also several heroes that have been excluded entirely from the packs. Sorry, Genji mains. The three most recent heroes aren't included: Genji; Cassia; and Probius. Several problematic heroes are left out: Cho'Gall; Murky; and Gazlowe. And surprisingly, three beginner heroes are missing: Sgt. Hammer; Tyrande; and Zagara.

Mega Hero Bundles will work like this. Players who log in during the launch event will be not be given a bundle outright. Instead, they'll be given 100 Gems, the new Heroes of the Storm 2.0 in-game currency. Players can then spend that 100 Gems on one of the Mega Bundles, which will then make the other bundles disappear. Only one bundle per player. Like mentioned prior, if none of the bundles are appealing then a player can just keep the 100 Gems, though that isn't a significant value compared to how much the bundles provide in terms of free content.

Heroes of the Storm Mega Hero Bundles - Flex

This is a promotion specifically targeted towards pulling in new players for Heroes of the Storm. It can't be understated how much value is packed into any of these packs. 20 individual heroes could take a player dozens, if not hundreds of matches to unlock. Considering each bundle includes several very new heroes, which typically cost significantly more in-game currency than others, the Mega Bundles offer an outstanding launching point for new players to jump into the meta.

There are some gripes incoming from veteran Heroes of the Storm players. For those who have already unlocked the vast majority of heroes on the roster, these bundles don't have much to offer. But considering most of the other Heroes of the Storm 2.0 changes will heavily reward veteran players, like the tidal wave of free Loot Chests upon 2.0's launch, the criticism rings rather hollow. At worst, these bundles can pull in a bunch of new players and the whole community profits from that.

Heroes of the Storm is available now on PC and is free to play. The Heroes of the Storm 2.0 relaunch is planned for release within the next week. A cinematic trailer as well as a new hero announcement are also planned to be released soon.

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