‘Heroes of the Storm’ Eternal Conflict Expansion Trailer, Details

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Heroes of the Storm has only been out of beta for a few weeks, but the game is already bursting with content. The MOBA community has embraced the Blizzard game and dropping gold or real dollars in the game for new heroes or skins is far too addicting and easy. In just two weeks, there will be even more content for players to find in the show.

The Heroes of the Storm: Eternal Conflict expansion drops on June 30 and brings a boatload of Diablo-themed content into the game. Eternal Conflict will introduce new heroes, a new map, and an interesting new mechanic that will allow players to earn some extra spending-gold before the match even begins. The trailer offers a mix of trademark Blizzard CGI and some actual gameplay footage.

Diablo 3 players are well-aware of the treasure goblin and will be excited to here that the NPC is making his way to the world of HotS. The human (or goblin, actually) piñata will roam around the starting area before the match begins and players will be able to attack him and pick up the gold that he drops.

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In addition to the fun addition of the treasure goblin, there is also new competitive content to consider. The new map will offer an interesting challenge for players to overcome, as each team attempts to win over the deity on their side.

The Butcher will be available as a playable hero in the new expansion and we already know quite a bit about his abilities…

(Q) Hamstring – Deal damage and slow enemies in his area.
(W) Butcher’s Brand – The Butcher’s signature attack and one that anyone using this character must seek to master. The Butcher’s Brand ability damages an enemy and leaves them with a demonic mark. When the Butcher attacks any marked target, he will leave damage, as well as heal for 75 percent of the damage inflicted. That amount is doubled against Heroes for a whopping 150 percent heal rate, which means the Butcher can go toe-to-toe with just about anybody and win nearly all one-on-one situations.
(E) Ruthless Onslaught – Taking a page from his Diablo days, the Butcher will slowly charge towards any enemy Hero, causing stun damage when he catches his target.
(R1) Lamb to the Slaughter – The Butcher will raise a pole at a targeted area, which will then latch itself to the nearest enemy Hero. The enemy will then be tethered to that pole, making it impossible to escape. Even Zeratul and Muradin’s abilities cannot escape this Ultimate.
(R2) Furnace Blast – The Butcher will take three seconds to prepare a massive blast of fire. Any opposing team member caught over the newly-created furnace grate will get caught in a giant blast and suffer major damage.

The expansion will also introduce King Leoric and the Monk. King Leoric will have the power to Entomb enemies and another ability called the March of the Black King. The Monk is the first Diablo support character and no details were shared about that hero yet.

There’s not denying that the new content will be exciting for players who are already sold on Heroes of the Storm, but we are interested to see if the Diablo-themed content will help draw in a new audience, as well.

What do you think of the Eternal Conflict trailer and details? Are you pumped to try out the new map? Let us know in the comments.

Heroes of the Storm: Eternal Conflict releases for PC on June 30.

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