Heroes of the Storm Adds Overwatch's D.Va in New Cinematic Trailer

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The world of Overwatch has been crossing over into Heroes of the Storm in a big way as of late, and it all appears to be tying into the game's big 2.0 update. Featuring loot boxes in a similar fashion to Overwatch, the latest update is bringing with it several major nods to Blizzard's blockbuster first-person shooter. Of course, this all means that it was only a matter of time before other heroes joined the fray, and the developer surprised everyone today by confirming yet another new character joining the crossover-centric MOBA in the form of D.Va.

Outside of that, there's quite a bit of additional things for Overwatch fans to look forward to, like Genji joining the ever-growing Heroes of the Storm roster, and the latest cinematic for HotS tackles that belief head on by showing off a new map based on Hanamura. Those that frequent Overwatch enough will know that this map is strongly associated with Genji (and his brother Hanzo), making it an ideal battleground for the likes of Diablo and the cyborg ninja to go head to head – which is exactly what they do.

Those eager to see the latest eye-poppingly gorgeous Heroes of the Storm cinematic can do so below.

Those that find themselves more drawn to Overwatch than Heroes of the Storm may soon want to change their attitude, as Blizzard has confirmed that exclusives skins for both Genji and D.Va will be made available to those that complete a set of challenges in the latter during a four week window. Some will recognize the Oni Genji skin as one that was available as part of a similar promotion last year, and blizzard has opted to give fans one more shot at owning the alternate aesthetic.

Although Tracer, Zarya, and Heroes of the Storm's newly added Lucio are still sans unique skins, fans of Overwatch are sure to be happy with what awaits them in Heroes of the Storm 2.0.

Heroes of the Storm is currently available on PC.

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