‘Heroes of the Storm’ Diablo-themed Update Coming June 30

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Although Heroes of the Storm only officially launched last week, many gamers have already invested more than a year in the arena brawler thanks to a long and productive alpha and beta test. Testers have seen fighters nerfed, powered up, and tweaks to all the maps, and that is sure to be just the start of things as the MOBA continues to grow.

As players might expect from a free-to-play game with a profit strategy based around a store of heroes and skins, Blizzard will frequently release updates and new content for Heroes of the Storm.

Gamers who have downloaded the Heroes of the Storm, or seen its fantastic cinematic trailer in television ads, are probably aware that the brawler features characters and locations from the worlds of Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo. The game’s intro asks you not to think too much about how the characters all ended up together and to focus on the fight instead. The game has a pretty fair distribution of influence from each of the individual IPs, but the next update is set to bring more Diablo-inspired content into HotS.

According to Shack News, the next Heroes of the Storm update, Eternal Conflict, will add the Butcher as a playable character and a new Diablo-themed map. The Eternal Conflict update will bring the Butcher and the Battlefield of Eternity to test realms on June 23 and to the rest of the community on June 30.

The Butcher will be available to players as a melee assassin (one of the character classes we recommend for newer players). From the looks of his abilities, he will likely be just as annoying to take down on the battlefield as he is in Diablo.

Heroes of the Storm Butcher

(Q) Hamstring – Deal damage and slow enemies in his area.
(W) Butcher’s Brand – The Butcher’s signature attack and one that anyone using this character must seek to master. The Butcher’s Brand ability damages an enemy and leaves them with a demonic mark. When the Butcher attacks any marked target, he will leave damage, as well as heal for 75 percent of the damage inflicted. That amount is doubled against Heroes for a whopping 150 percent heal rate, which means the Butcher can go toe-to-toe with just about anybody and win nearly all one-on-one situations.
(E) Ruthless Onslaught – Taking a page from his Diablo days, the Butcher will slowly charge towards any enemy Hero, causing stun damage when he catches his target.
(R1) Lamb to the Slaughter – The Butcher will raise a pole at a targeted area, which will then latch itself to the nearest enemy Hero. The enemy will then be tethered to that pole, making it impossible to escape. Even Zeratul and Muradin’s abilities cannot escape this Ultimate.
(R2) Furnace Blast – The Butcher will take three seconds to prepare a massive blast of fire. Any opposing team member caught over the newly-created furnace grate will get caught in a giant blast and suffer major damage.

From the looks of his abilities, the Butcher will be a great fit for players who are good at staying alive. He is slow, but powerful and his trait really requires that players avoid death so that the strength can continue stacking. It’s hard to say if he’ll have an impact on the competitive meta, but we are definitely looking forward to taking the hero for a spin later this month.

The new map also switches things up with the use of a two-lane layout. The map screams Diablo and features an angel and a demon locked in battle at its center. Players fight to push their side’s immortal towards victory, so that the angel or demon can help this push down the lane towards the other team’s core.

Heroes of the Storm is incredibly fun and addictive and offers a much more player-friendly MOBA experience than the competition (DOTA2 and League of Legends). If the game can continue releasing new maps, heroes, and tweaks; we expect Blizzard to be looking at another runaway success.

What do you think of the new hero and map? Will you purchase the Butcher or wait to see him pop up in the seasonal rotation of free characters? Let us know in the comments.

Heroes of the Storm is available to download now for PC.

Source: Shack News