The trailer for DC Universe Online,  Sony’s upcoming and much anticipated MMO, was unveiled at E3 last week, and it looks like the title just might succeed at immersing you amongst the heroes and villains of the comic book grounded brand.

Check out the trailer below:


The trailer serves up a good amount of  gameplay and information about the title. You are a new character who has to decide what side you are on – fighting against baddies with the likes of Batman, Flash and Superman, or reaping havoc on the city with the Joker,  Poison Ivy and others.

The graphics are nothing groundbreaking, but nothing to complain about either, as the game reflects the comic book genre itself. The environments look fun to check out, making you want to fly up to the top of a skyscraper and scope out the various cities. Character’s visuals also maintain their familiar and classic looks, successfully hitting that nostalgic feeling.

Subscription-based pricing has been announced, so gamers will know what to expect in terms of cost.

I’m looking forward to checking this out myself. After watching the trailer, it looks like this might be a fun MMO to check out – adding a more official superhero twist versus titles like Champions Online. DC Universe may just fulfill the childhood dream of fighting crime alongside of your favorite superheroes and truly immerse you in the comic book world with you being in control.

DC Universe Online will make its powers available November 2nd for the PS3 and PC.

Source: Destructoid