Psychological Horror Game Here They Lie Is a PS VR Launch Title


Sony Interactive Entertainment and Tangentlemen release a new trailer for psychological horror game Here They Lie, confirming it as a PlayStation VR launch title.

Ever since Here They Lie's reveal trailer at E3 2016, gaming fans have been trying to discern exactly what the forthcoming first-person horror title from developer Tangentlemen is all about. While some have described it as a surreal simulation of a nightmare, and others have surmised it to be a noir mystery game disguised as a psychological fright-fest, one thing's for certain is that it's prepared to scare the pants off of players once it releases as a launch title for PlayStation VR next month.

As seen in Here They Lie's launch trailer below, the game's protagonist follows a woman wearing a golden colored dress while exploring a black and white city which has amorphous features that are constantly shifting its shape and warping players' perceptions of it. Of course, if the dream-like elements of the game aren't unsettling enough, developer Tangentlemen has added plenty of freaky creatures and NPCs such as characters wearing masks, as well as a shadowy, agile boogeyman with antlers growing out of its head.


While Here They Lie definitely appears to be one of the best upcoming VR horror games with the most potential, it's also safe to say that the title itself seems to have been created specifically with the virtual reality platform in mind. Although it would surely be possible for fans to explore the game's seedy city of dark alleys, tunnels, and subway cars in a more traditional gaming sense sometime in the future, there's no doubt that certain qualities and seemingly tangible experiences would be lost in translation without a PlayStation VR headset.

Of course, with little being known about Here They Lie at this point in time, it's a wonder as to whether or not fans will spend their money on the rather hefty retail price for PlayStation VR while also buying the psychological horror game simply in order to unravel its mysteries. More than likely, a lot of gamers will wait to pick up a copy of Here They Lie until more of the title's contents are revealed by way of critical and user reviews after its launch.


Taking all of this into consideration, it seems as if PlayStation VR is set to be the prime platform when it comes to semi-realistic, horror-driven gaming experiences. Beyond Here They Lie dropping as a launch title, PS VR fans also have such highly anticipated titles as the Korean horror game White Day as an exclusive for the headset. Not to mention, Capcom is ready to provide fans with the next installment in its long-running survival-horror franchise with Resident Evil 7 as a console release and PlayStation VR title next year, which gives gamers plenty of options to scare themselves to death once PlayStation VR finally releases.

What did you think about Here They Lie's launch trailer? Does its bleak and spooky atmospherics give you enough incentive to purchase the game once it releases for PlayStation VR? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Here They Lie is set to release on October 13, 2016 alongside PlayStation VR, followed by a physical release on November 2, 2016.

Source: PlayStation EU

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