Batman v Superman star Henry Cavill appears on Conan O’Brien and talks about the time that he missed Zack Snyder’s Superman call because he was playing World of Warcraft.

Before Henry Cavill was playing the iconic role of Superman in films such as Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he apparently spent his time playing World of Warcraft. Cavill reminded everyone of his World of Warcraft past on the latest episode of Conan, pointing out that his time playing the game almost cost him the part of Superman.

According to Cavill, he was in the midst of a dungeon when his phone rang. Instead of answering the phone immediately, which someone waiting for a callback to play Superman might do, Cavill just let the phone ring. He then glanced at who was calling, and realized that it was director Zack Snyder. But before Cavill could answer the call, Snyder had already hung up.

Of course, we know that it all worked out for Cavill, as he is now co-starring inĀ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is currently the highest grossing film at the box office. However, it’s somewhat strange to think that World of Warcraft of all things almost cost him the role of one of the most famous superhero characters in history.

See Cavill explain the story of how he almost missed his chance to play Superman in the DC Extended Universe to Conan right here:

Cavill’s clear enjoyment of video gaming means that he would probably be willing to reprise the role of Superman in, say, an open world Superman game from Rocksteady. After all, Cavill was apparently so absorbed into playing World of Warcraft that it almost cost him the biggest role of his career to date, so it would make sense that he would want to be involved with the gaming industry in a more meaningful capacity.

Having said that, it seems like the DC video games have remained largely separate from the films. In fact, the Batman: Arkham games have drawn more inspiration from the DC Animated Universe than the live action DC films, bringing voice actors from Batman: The Animated Series such as Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy back to reprise their roles as The Joker and Batman, respectively. Considering this, it seems like the more likely scenario is that if the rumored Superman video game does indeed exist, George Young Newbern (who played Superman in Justice League Unlimited) would have a better shot being cast than Henry Cavill.

Gaming is no longer the niche hobby that it once was, and as a result, expect it to be more common for celebrities to openly discuss their video gaming habits. This will probably prove especially true for younger celebrities that had a chance to grow up with video games, like Henry Cavill and Ronda Rousey, and eventually, there will probably be more celebrity gamers than there are celebrities that don’t play video games.

World of Warcraft is currently available for PC.

Source: Game Informer