10 Most Helpful Weapon Mods In Remnant From The Ashes

The horror game Remnant From The Ashes pits the player against hundreds of creatures from different realms to find a way to stop the horrific Root from consuming humanity. To aid them in their goal are incredibly powerful weapon mods that can grant helpful and devastating abilities.

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Not all weapon mods are useful and some are specific to group fights or solo fighting. Here’s a list of the ten most powerful weapon mods and why you should think about equipping them regardless of whether you’re fighting solo or with friends.

10 Howler’s Immunity

Howler’s Immunity creates a 20 meter aura that follows the person who cast it. The weapon mod will mitigate incoming damage by 30% for anyone standing within that aura.

It shines in group battles as anyone in the sphere of influence will receive the damage reduction, but even solo fighters will find it helpful as it will follow them around. It lasts a good 30 seconds and can be useful for repelling swarms or minimizing the sting of powerful boss attacks.

9 Undying

When charged Undying will bring the wearer back to life after a death blow with 33% of their health. To give them a chance to escape or recover it also provides a 25% reduction to damage and an immunity to all status effects for a good ten seconds.

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This is a fantastic weapon mod for the solo player but even groups will find it handy for keeping their glass cannons and supports alive. If you’re having trouble learning how to dodge properly this mod will give you a little longer to learn.

8 Blink Token

The Blink Token weapon mod is a mobility spell that teleports the user forward and discharges a blast of electricity. This blast deals 140 shock damage to anything within three meters of the caster. It can be used by tanks to quickly rush forward and begin aggroing the enemy, help ranged fighters kite foes or escape swarms, and can be used to blow apart weak enemies like adds.

If your character is a bit of glass cannon or you just want to be able to zip around the battlefield this is a great weapon mod to have.

7 Song Of Swords

The Song of Swords is another weapon mod that creates an aura reaching up to 20 meters. Like Howler’s Immunity it also follows the user around. This aura increases damage dealt by any weapon by 30%.

Given DPS is almost always superior to survivability this aura is much more useful than Howler’s Immunity. It’s great for shredding swarms or dealing an extra punch to bosses if your allies can stay under the aura. As a solo fighter having that extra 30% damage is a god send.

6 Skewer

This offensive based weapon mod shoot a large spike or Skewer that deals 125 damage on impact. It will also do 300% stagger damage and causes a 150 bleeding effect to kick in for at least 15 seconds.

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Basically, it packs a huge whollop, stuns the foe, and then causes them to bleed out over time. This is incredibly useful when facing bosses or spongy foes as it’ll take a dent out of their health pool and whittle it down over time.

5 Flicker Cloak

This weapon mod is a must have if you’re a solo player or rolling as the team’s tank. The Flicker Cloak will instantly create a shield that’s worth 200% of your max health and lasts a stunning 30 seconds.

Essentially enemies will have to kill you three times over before you’ll finally collapse to the ground in a heap. Solo fighters can take quite a few hits in boss battles and tanks can take a beating for three times as long so their allies have more time to take down the enemy.

4 Breath Of The Desert

This offensive weapon mod is great if you are struggling with accuracy or find yourself focusing more on dodging than attacking. The Breath of the Desert will summon seven particles that will home in on your enemies and each will deal 80 radiation damage for a massive 560 damage.

If you’re looking for raw DPS this is your weapon mod and it can hold a total of three charges. These little particles can shred swarms of enemies and take a serious chunk out of any boss. Whether you’re solo or the DPS fighter of the group this a mod you should seriously consider.

3 Hunter’s Mark

Interestingly the top three mods in the game are the first three mods you receive as each class. The Hunter’s Mark is a mod that tags the enemy to make them visible through walls for 60 seconds and raises critical hit chance by 15% against those enemies.

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What’s amazing about this mod is that this works for you and your teammates so it’s awesome for anyone running a critical hit build or for some crazy team cooperative builds. At the very least knowing where your enemies are at all times is immensely helpful in battle.

2 Hot Shot

The mod reserved for Scrappers is one of the most powerful mods in the entire game and many, many builds use it to dramatically improve DPS. Hot Shot causes ammunition to deal fire damage and deal a burning effect for damage over time.

The fire effect improves damage by 20% and lasts for 30 seconds. If the target is affected by the burn they’ll receive 100 damage over 10 seconds. Basically you activate the mod, watch your enemies light up and as you’re shooting them you’ll charge the mod for another round. This is arguably the most powerful mod for solo players.

1 Mender’s Aura

The most powerful mod in the game is the one given to Ex-Cultists right at the beginning. It creates an aura that heals ten health per second for ten seconds to anyone within that range. It can be quickly activated and bring a solo player or an entire group up to full or almost full health very quickly.

This is great for recovering after tough fights, to give your team a second wind during boss battles, or to counter the effects of a "damage over time" effect like bleed or burning. It saves players from having to guzzle Bloodwort and doesn’t require the player to be stationary to go into effect like a consumable would.

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