Home Invasion Horror Game Hello Neighbor Adds Weird Robots


A new update has been released for TinyBuild's stealth/horror game Hello Neighbor that brings a lot of new content to the early-access title, including the addition of some strange robot workers. The game, which has the player sneaking into their creepy neighbor's house "to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement," is now in the Alpha 4 stage of development.

While players are usually tasked with simply entering the neighbor's basement before the incredibly smart AI catches them, it seems that this new update brings some real variety to the highly-anticipated game. A trailer that released alongside the Alpha 4 release shows footage of a roller-coaster, flying with the use of an umbrella, and a dark and mysterious classroom.

Of course the neighbor himself is still present and out to catch players, which looks to add a lot of tension to the game. His house seems to have had quite the upgrade since we last saw it as, and players can bet that the game's 'learning' AI will still be more than capable, however they choose to enter.

As ever, the mustached, sinister individual can place traps for the player where they tend to enter his home, as well as setting up cameras to track their movement. The smart AI itself is reminiscent of the Alien in Alien Isolation, which tended to look in areas that its human prey had previously hidden.

Those users that have previously purchased the game's $30 Early Alpha Access will be able to download the new update on Steam right now, in addition to getting access to the full game once it releases in the future. Those that want to try before they buy can also check out an earlier build for free on the Hello Neighbor website.

Hello Neighbor's Alpha 4 update is available now on PC.

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