Hello Neighbor, the horror title recently released by developer Dynamic Pixels, is currently available solely on PC and Xbox One. However, a PEGI listing seems to indicate that Hello Neighbor may be coming to both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

PEGI, the rating board for video games in the European Union, is equivalent in many ways to the ESRB in the United States. A PEGI listing revealing information about an unannounced release would be nothing new, as the rating board’s listings have done so on several occasions in the past.

The listing for Hello Neighbor’s PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions does state that their release date is December 2017; the same as its release on PC and Xbox One. Clearly this is an error, but what is unclear is whether it is the date or the console entries themselves which are incorrect. Given PEGI’s track record of revealing releases before they are officially announced, it seems likely that the date could simply be a stand-in until the official release date is confirmed.

Hello Neighbor Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Of course, it is possible that Dynamic Pixels submitted the listing with PEGI preemptively, planning to eventually port the game to the other two consoles after its initial release on PC and Xbox One. Given its poor reception, these supposed PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions may not actually materialize now as Dynamic Pixels and the game’s publisher, tinyBuild, reevaluate their plans for the game.

Hello Neighbor was considered to be one of the most anticipated horror games of 2017. However, reviews for the game since its release have been decidedly negative, with reviewers citing poor design and technical problems as its biggest flaws.

Fans of Hello Neighbor‘s unique premise, which was certainly promising, may still hold out hope that Dynamic Pixels will attempt to fix the game’s problems. A patched re-release in 2018 on new consoles could help to make up for its poor release this December, but many horror fans may wish to look at other options for the new year instead.

Hello Neighbor is available now for PC and Xbox One.