With just two days to go until the game’s official launch, a pair of creepy new trailers have been released for Hello Neighbor. Both trailers are designed to give horror gaming fans a feel for what Hello Neighbor is all about, with the first trailer offering a general overview of the game.

The first new trailer for Hello Neighbor, called the “Pre-Launch Teaser Trailer,” shows potential consumers various snippets of different points in the game. Surprisingly, this trailer actually focuses less on the initial home invasion angle of the game, instead showing off some of the stranger moments from later on when players manage to break into their suspicious neighbor’s house.

Check out the Pre-Launch Teaser Trailer for Hello Neighbor right here:

The second trailer focuses on a location in the house, specifically the basement. Early trailers for Hello Neighbor teased players with the mystery of what’s in the basement, but now we know that the basement is a large, open-ended area where players will constantly be pursued. According to publisher tinyBuild Games, the neighbor will try to locate players based on noise.

Check out Hello Neighbor‘s Basement trailer for yourself:

Of course, the neighbor may develop other tactics for hunting down players as well. One of the game’s big selling points is that the neighbor AI learns how to better stop players from breaking into their home with each subsequent playthrough. For anyone that hopes to conquer Hello Neighbor and see its ending, they will need to master its stealth-based gameplay and outsmart their neighbor.

Luckily, horror gaming enthusiasts don’t have to wait too much longer to try their hand at Hello Neighbor and see if they have what it takes to survive. The game is set to launch later this week, and it will be interesting to see if it lives up to the hype as one of 2017’s most anticipated horror games.

Hello Neighbor will be available on December 8th for PC and Xbox One.