Hell Yeah PAX East 2012 Hands On Logo

One of the more unique titles we were able to play recently was Hell Yeah! Developed by Arkedo and published by SEGA, the main goal of Hell Yeah! was to deliver a fun and memorable gaming experience.

The first thing that stands out with Hell Yeah! are its visuals. This game has to be one of the most vibrant title we’ve ever laid eyes on. The art style is cartoony and similar to those cutesy iOS titles that are all the rage at the moment. That said, the content of Hell Yeah! is anything but cute, and this is because players will destroy their enemies in the most brutal ways possible. It’s the bright and vibrant representation of hell, combined with the visceral nature of dispatching enemies that makes Hell Yeah! stand out among the crowd of other Metroidvania titles.

The story is also sets the title apart from the rest. Players take on the role of Ash, who is the Prince of Hell, and also happens to be an undead bunny rabbit. One of the other demons in Hell gets ahold of some scandalous photos involving Ash and a rubber ducky – and leaks them onto the Internet. The rest of the demons are highly amused at these photos and that leaves Ash with only one option: destroy them all. The main quest follows Ash and his revenge on all demons – especially the one who leaked his photos.

Hell Yeah PAX East 2012 Hands On Jetpack Chainsaw

Hell Yeah! is a platform adventure title spanning ten different worlds. During a brief introductory section, players have no weapons of any kind and are dependent on Ash’s jumping ability – good thing he’s a rabbit. Soon players will acquire the spinning jetpack chainsaw that Ash rides in for the majority of the game.

Armed with his jetpack, Ash can plow through enemies and burrow through special segments of levels. Later players will be able to equip a rocket launcher which is required to take out certain enemies. Along the way Ash can pick up souls (the game’s currency) and use them to purchase upgrades and cosmetic changes to himself or the jetpack. We traded in our sawblade for a couple of lightsabers attached to a spinning disk.

Similar to Castlevania and other games of the genre, Hell Yeah! has areas that are not accessible at first. Ash will have to get some upgrades to his jetpack before returning to these areas – and they are entirely optional. This adds some replayability to the title and a goal for completionist who need to find every nook and cranny of the game. The title was so much fun that even if players didn’t have to backtrack they will probably replay it regardless.

Hell Yeah PAX East 2012 Hands On Rocket

Within a zone there can be several main monsters who must be destroyed before moving on to the final boss. In total there are 101 monsters. When defeating these monsters the player is treated to one of 35 mini-game murder scenes to deliver the final blow. These scenes play out in the most brutal over-the-top fashion imaginable, but the light-hearted cartoony nature make it hilarious to watch. Regaining health is also a gruesome affair, with Ash bathing in a blood fountain. He will also regain some health after defeating a monster since he will be bathing in their blood.

Being a platformer, the controls of Hell Yeah! are what about what you’d expect. Anyone who has played Sonic the Hedgehog – a game this title took some inspiration from – or even Super Mario Bros. will be right at home when they start.

Despite SEGA’s recent financial troubles, and a shift toward revitalizing older franchises with new entries – such as Aliens: Colonial Marines and Jet Set Radio, the company has a bright future if they choose to also invest in new IPs like Hell Yeah! Arkedo, the developer, is dedicated to bringing a fun title to the masses and they are likely to have a hit with Hell Yeah!

Hell Yeah! is due out around mid-summer for XBLA, PSN and PC via the Steam platform.

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