David Cage’s interactive drama Heavy Rain is only a little over a month away but, if you’re like me, that just isn’t soon enough.

Fortunately, the official website for the upcoming Quantic Dream title has been launched, and along with it, an interactive opportunity to get immersed in the story of the origami killer starting January 26th.

From the official Heavy Rain website:

“Let yourself be drawn deep into the world of Heavy Rain with ‘Four Days’ – a three-week online mystery beginning Tuesday 26th January.”

Once registered at the site users receive an e-mail detailing the “Four Days” experience:

“When the time is right you will embark on a unique series of three live four-day challenges that will draw you inexorably into the universe of Heavy Rain.

Be warned, we’re stepping into a dark world here. Stay alert at all times. Anything you see or learn or hear – you may need later. You’ll be contacted via this email throughout the experience, directing you towards different leads in the investigation.

The first four-day challenge will suck you into the fracturing mind of a nascent killer. You need to know your prey to catch him. Keep your eyes open, even as his malign influence starts to impossibly spread… and most important of all, don’t fall under his spell…

The second challenge is where you start helping. Detecting. Protecting. Collecting and analysing evidence. Using your brain. Building a profile. Talking to witnesses. Using subtlety, tact, imagination. The killer must be found. You can be an important part of that. So don’t mess up…

The third and final challenge is the endgame. If you’ve proved your worth, you’ll be propelled to the highest levels of the investigation. But to succeed, you’ll need to re-enter the killer’s psyche. Gaze into that abyss again. You’ll need to break all the rules to find your suspect. There are multiple suspects. Which one is guilty?

Make your decision, and live with the consequences. Because in the end, it’s your call.

The clouds are gathering. The sky is darkening…”

Also, at the end of the e-mail, is a link to “Rain is Falling,” another area of the site,  which currently shows rain drops rippling in a pool of water – with each droplet revealing one of several mysterious twitter usernames.

Very mysterious indeed.

The only thing better than a taste of Heavy Rain to whet your appetite? European players who register at the game’s official site will also receive a free voucher code for a Heavy Rain t-shirt in PlayStation Home. Apparently, users in the U.S. and other Home territories will have a separate opportunity to get their Heavy Rain goods for PlayStation Home.

Have your pre-ordered your copy of Heavy Rain? Are you going to check out the pre-release interactive game?

Heavy Rain will be falling February 23rd in the US exclusively on PS3.

Source: Heavy Rain the official website

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