Heavy Rain Getting Patch For Move Support Next Week

Heavy Rain Getting Patch For Move Support Next Week

An already extremely immersive game is about to get a lot more so. Get ready, because PlayStation Move support is coming to Heavy Rain. Sony has dated both the Heavy Rain Move Edition release as well as a free update for the existing version of the game.

The Heavy Rain Move Edition box will be released in early October for Europe, October 8 for the UK and Ireland specifically. There is currently no word on the North American version, but I would expect that sometime in the first half of October as well, if not earlier. The Move Edition box will include the DLC 'The Taxidermist', three XMB themes, making-of videos, and the full official soundtrack. The free patch bringing Move support to existing copies of the game should be available as early as next week, on September 22. A demo of the will be on the PlayStation Store tomorrow. Per, PlayStation Move itself is set for a September 17 release date in North America.

Although getting Move support is an exciting proposition for this title, hopefully this will be a lot more than just an afterthought. Nobody wants this to be like the post-3D conversion they do for movies these days. We want this to be more like Avatar, that fully uses the technology to its advantage in an intelligent and compelling way. Hopefully Move can add another layer to the experience of the gameplay and not just be a gimmick. Of course, Heavy Rain was designed and developed before Move was fully realized, so Quantic Dream could not have designed the game with Move in mind from the ground up.

Sorcery, the wizard game Sony showed at E3 this year was interesting, however, in my opinion if there ever was a chance to show the potential of Move and make it shine it would be a game like Heavy Rain. They have a chance to not only make this a compelling and immersive experience, they can create a way to elevate gaming to new heights. Hopefully they got it right.

Well, Ranters, are you excited for a the chance to use Move in Heavy Rain?

The Heavy Rain Move Edition is set for an October 8 release date for the UK and Ireland for the PlayStation 3. The exact release date for North America is pending.

Source: CVG

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