Will Heavy Rain Support the Sony Motion Controller?

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As we previously noted on Game Rant, the Sony Motion Controller, tentatively titled the Arc (though Sony has yet to make an official announcement) is scheduled for release around Holiday 2010, alongside about 10 game titles.

Recently, a number of indications have suggested that Arc engineers may have been working closely with one developer for quite some time – Quantic Dream for implementation in the incredibly cool-looking title Heavy Rain.

As reported by MTV Multiplayer, the code for Heavy Rain “still contains leftovers from the early days when motion controls were part of the plan.” Sony is allegedly “weeks” away from an official announcement (finally!) about Sony’s new controller the Arc – or the “PS3 Wand” depending on who you talk to.

David Cage, Co-CEO and producer of Heavy Rain, had this to say:

“The game design was based on motion control, but it was not feasible at the time.” Despite the lack of motion control availability, “the final version of Heavy Rain is still based on motion.”

Heavy Rain certainly does have a lot of motion. In the screenshot below, the container of orange juice is shaken by an upward and downward movement.


Of course, this is a small gesture in the context of a massive game. But it’s all part of the “immersive gameplay” the title promises. “Heavy Rain is not about losing or succeeding.” Cage continues, “It is about the journey…and you bear the consequences of your action.”

But does Quantic Dream have plans for future implementation of the controller? Cage hints at the possibility: “…there is a good chance that we [will] announce something about it in the coming weeks.” Definitely a vote of confidence for the Arc. Sony needs it too – with with so much competing interest in Microsoft’s Project Natal.

And who knows, maybe Quantic will release a souped-up version of Heavy Rain with that old motion code activated.

Still, the question remains about the appeal of motion control. Will hardcore gamers embrace waving a wand in the air to shake a digital container of orange juice? Would it add-to or hinder an immersive title such as Heavy Rain?

Heavy Rain is set for release this Tuesday, February 23rd, exclusively on the PS3.

Sources: MTV Multiplayer, Computer and Video Games

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