David Cage: No More 'Heavy Rain' DLC

Heavy Rain was a brilliant title that brought gamers into a world where the storyline takes precedent over action - though the title still has plenty of action. It was an exciting experience, and many gamers like me were craving more.

When the 'Taxidermist' DLC came out, we got to return to the juicy saga but, for months now, we've been left waiting for new content. David Cage, writer and director of the game, had reassured us multiple times that several chronicles would be released. However, it now seems  as though David Cage has new job title,  'Bearer of Bad News' - as he has announced it's unlikely that Heavy Rain will receive any more DLC.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Cage explained that the reason for abandoning Heavy Rain DLC had a lot to do with Sony's interest in PlayStation Move support, as well as limited time constraints at Quantic Dream. Incorporating Move support would take away time from the planned Chronicles - and when I say planned, I mean it, as Cage had already written the scripts for the three DLC episodes.

Cage didn't want to risk a sloppy product when the team was focusing on other projects like Move:

"Our approach was to make no compromise on the quality of the Chronicles and offer exactly the same quality than the original game. So the answer is yes. Chronicles as we saw them were ambitious and with high expectations. As explained, they are on hold to allow the team to work on Move and on new projects, and I doubt they will ever be produced."

While the news is sure to come as a surprise to many fans of the game, you can rest assured it wasn't for lack of heart - it looks as if nobody wanted the Chronicles to be made more than David himself:

"Sony wanted more AAA adult games to support the Move and they thought that Heavy Rain was the perfect fit. For me, there was really a choice to make, because I did not want to postpone the work on our next projects spending one more year on Heavy Rain, and given the time and attention we put in developing our games, this is what it would have meant."

The Taxidermist was the first, and now last, Chronicle released for Heavy Rain.

Despite his disappointment at the loss of his Chronicles (and our chance at learning more about the character's backstories), David is pretty optimistic about the Heavy Rain/PlayStation Move experience.

"I understand Sony's decision and it gave us the opportunity to explore new possibilities regarding controls. I am really proud of this Move edition and think it will surprise many gamers and show that Move can be used for things other than family entertainment. Now as a writer and director, would I have preferred to work on the three Chronicles I wrote? Guess."

Knowing that Cage had written the scripts for the DLC packages, I'm sure many gamers (like me) are hoping that, at some point, Cage might still make the scripts public - or, at the very least, they get incorporated into the potential film adaptation.

Speaking solely as a gamer, I would have preferred if they had worked on the three DLC Chronicles, instead of incorporating Move support. While I agree that Move would add a new level of immersion for Heavy Rain, personally, I still think the main point of games is to deliver as much entertaining content as possible. Even with Move support, I'll still probably just play Heavy Rain the old fashioned way.

What do you think about the lack of future Heavy Rain DLC? Would you have preferred Quantic Dream focus on Move or DLC?

Source: Eurogamer

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