David Cage’s Heavy Rain is only a little over a month away, and in spite of the fact most gamers aren’t entirely sure what to expect from the main campaign, there’s already plenty of talk about the title’s upcoming DLC – the “Heavy Rain Chronicles” including a gaming first – the opportunity to play as a blind man.

Speaking with 4News.it Cage offered a bit of insight into what to expect in oneĀ “Heavy Rain Chronicles” scenario:

“We have prepared downloadable content for Heavy Rain in which the player must move impersonating a blind man. The screen is dark and he has to move by using the surround sound system to play. And ‘first game experience into sound surround. (Something similar had already been seen in Fahrenheit’s note.)”

Near the end of the interview Cage hinted that the DLC isn’t the end of the road for Heavy Rain either: “Heavy Rain is destined to be a trilogy,” Cage said, “as a pragmatic version of The Lord of the Rings.”

As a fan of inventive story-telling, I’m definitely excited for Heavy Rain but the “Blind Man” DLC episode, while certainly ambitious, leaves me questioning how well they’ll actually be able to pull off those particular gameplay mechanics.

What do you think about the “Blind Man” DLC? As well as the potential for future Heavy Rain installments?

Heavy Rain is scheduled for a February 23rd release exclusively on PS3.

Source: 4News.it (the server appears to be having trouble currently)

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