'Heavy Rain' Deleted Scenes Shed Light On Madison's Insomnia

Heavy Rain was a game which had an intricate storyline and an intense, in-depth narrative to guide gamers through it. It's quick-time-event scenarios were recently patched for the Playstation Move, which seems to have brought developers Quantic Dream into the spotlight again. They've now revealed a number of deleted scenes from the story, which provide a lot of useful information if you've already played the game.

Before you click the video below, let me remind you that if you haven't played the game, the spoilers you're about to watch will reveal everything to you. If you haven't yet played Heavy Rain, we advise you go and do so - we gave the game a 5 out of 5 - and then come back to this right after. So, without further ado, here's Quantic Dream revealing the deleted scenes of Heavy Rain:

Upon retrospect, I can indeed see why the scenes were deleted. Indeed, the first hour I played in the 'happy family home' beginning was enough to make me [spoiler alert] drive over Jason myself. However, the water scenes in the video look to be really well done and could have been a fantastic experience. It looks genuinely creepy, and it's something I would have hoped for in perhaps a free DLC pack. However, Quantic Dream has stated that there will be no more DLC, so the likelihood of such a release is... well, next to nothing. A man can dream!

The other major shock reveal was that Madison suffers insomnia as a result of an apparent post-traumatic stress disorder, which came from her coverage of the Iraq war. Perhaps they cut that portion out because the war itself is a hot-button issue, or perhaps they cut it out because introducing that part of the story may have required a scene to take place in the war-zone, which would have been a lot of effort to place on the development studio. The style and setting of such a scene wouldn't quite fit in well with the dark, seedy and mysterious stylization that has come to be Heavy Rain itself. That said, I'm really glad they revealed this part of Madison's history, as it does help us understand a lot more about her - and in a game where emotions are so prominent, it really helps to provide context.

What do you think, Ranters? Did the reveal of the deleted scenes in Heavy Rain interest you at all? What do you think of their decisions to remove them?

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