‘Beyond: Two Souls’ and ‘Heavy Rain’ Coming to PS4

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When it was released back in February 2010, Heavy Rain was heralded by some as one of the most exciting things in gaming. The game starred a man named Ethan Mars who was having difficulty coming to terms with the death of his son, Jason, meanwhile, his other son Shaun has been kidnapped by someone called the Origami Killer. Playing as Ethan, FBI agent Norman Jayden, photojournalist Madison Paige, and private investigator Scott Shelby, it’s up to the player to discover who the Origami Killer is and to save Shaun before it’s too late.

Also made by Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is Beyond: Two Souls, the 2013 supernatural thriller that starred Hollywood actress as Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes. As Jodie, players communicate with an entity called Aiden that follows her around during the course of her troubled life. While the game was big on story and serious performances (it also starred Willem Dafoe and even premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival), it didn’t hit the mark with everyone, making Beyond: Two Souls one of the most divisive but intriguing games on PS3.

Both games may be more outlandish than the likes of other iconic PlayStation games like the Uncharted series, Ratchet & Clank, or LittleBigPlanet, but for many people they were also interesting enough to buy a PlayStation console. That’s why many fans have been asking for a re-release of those games (a Beyond: Two Souls Director’s Cut was hinted at last year) and now, Sony has announced that Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain will be released on PS4 “soon”. Sony explains that both of the games will be available as a digital download or as a digital or physical twin pack that includes both games together. Unfortunately, it is unclear what content these PS4 re-releases will include and if they will get a visual upgrade like other re-released games such as God of War 3.

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Furthermore, Sony also hasn’t stated whether or not Beyond: Two Souls’ Advanced Experiments DLC will be included, or if this re-release will also include the rest of the Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC, as those were cancelled with only one episode of Chronicles ever being released. Some Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain fans have also expressed their frustration at having to pay again for games that they already own, pointing to Microsoft’s backwards compatibility announcement yesterday, and so Sony may have to throw in free DLC just to get the complaints to subside.

On top of this, there is also some confusion about who will be able to play Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain on PS4. The re-releases were announced on the European version of the PlayStation Blog, where Sony said that the games will be “coming to PlayStation 4 only for Europe and the PAL region”. It would be incredibly unusual for Sony not to re-release the games in North America or anywhere outside of Europe, so Game Rant will update this post once any further announcements have been made.

Source: PlayStation Blog