Updates to a voice actors resume suggest that the upcoming scheduled Hearthstone expansion will be themed around the dinosaur-laden region of Un’Goro.

Hearthstone players have only had a couple of months to adapt to the game’s most recent expansion, but they are already hearing rumors about the next set of cards set to be added to the enduringly popular deck battler. According to a voice actor’s newly updated resume, the game is set to see an influx of dinosaurs over the coming months.

Lani Minella is a voice actor with decades of experience, and she’s no stranger to working with Blizzard, having already appeared in Hearthstone as well as beloved strategy title Starcraft 2. Earlier today, eagle-eyed users on Reddit discovered that Minella’s resume had been updated with several new roles that will no doubt prove interesting for Blizzard fans.

Minella is apparently set to appear as the Golakka Crawler, the Hydra, the Anklesaur, the Pterodactyl, and the Brontosaurus. These creatures will be among the fearsome fauna found in the next Hearthstone expansion, which is apparently titled Lost Secrets of Un’Goro.

Un’Goro will be familiar to World of Warcraft players, as the Un’Goro crater was a location in the game’s Southern Kalimdor region. The place is known for its large volcano, which is typically surrounded by fire elementals, as well as its distinctive dinosaur population.

Hearthstone expansions typically release every four months or so, and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan was made available in December 2016. This means that the game’s players can expect Lost Secrets of Un’Goro to drop around April — assuming that the information unintentionally leaked by Minella is correct.


Blizzard has a habit of unveiling its next Hearthstone expansion a month before it’s officially made available to players. Therefore, users shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out whether this leak is the real deal, since the studio would be likely to begin previewing cards before the end of March.

It’s good to see Blizzard continue to support Hearthstone as we approach the third anniversary of its launch in March 2014. Big changes have been made to ensure that the game is still accommodating to new players, like the shift to a rotating selection of legal card sets.

Hearthstone makes a lot of money for Blizzard, and it remains one of the best examples of a free-to-play success story. Of course, it’s imperative that the game continues to keep its players invested in the experience, and brand new content like Lost Secrets of Un’Goro can do just that.

Hearthstone is available now for PC and mobile devices.