Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Update Makes Major Changes to Spell Energy

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite developer Niantic has made a change to the way that Spell Energy works in the game. The changes come not long after launch as early players of the new mobile title began to complain that the game is too stingy when it comes to the important resource.

In a post on Reddit, Niantic representative, hpwu_fazes thanked Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players for their feedback and confirmed that the developer is changing how much Spell Energy is given out. Now, new players of the game will be given 50 energy, which is up from the 25 that new players were given before. Players will also earn more Spell Energy by visiting the game's Inns and Greenhouses. Daily Assignments, which players can complete to get more Spell Energy, as well as Scrolls and Spellbooks, will now give players 10 Spell Energy for completing the "To Collect an Ingredient or Portmanteau" task.

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This update is a big one and it seems that many Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players are now feeling much more positive about the future of the game. "Wow. I'm actually surprised you guys are being so responsive. Bodes well for future updates and fixes. Props," wrote a user named kungfuesday on Reddit, while a user called Alex_Duos called the buff to Spell Energy from Greenhouses a "godsend."

This isn't the only change that the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team has made with Spell Energy since launch. The developer has also given every player, new or from the beta, a 50 Spell Energy boost for free. This load of Spell Energy can be picked up from the in-game store. This means that those players who have been enjoying the popular mobile title since its beta will be able to get some more Spell Energy too and no one is being left out.

The game has only been available for everyone for a few days but fans will be hoping that Niantic can keep responding quickly to the feedback from the community. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite got off to a slow start, making much less money than Pokemon GO, Niantic's other popular mobile game. Making the new game as popular and as lucrative as Pokemon GO will be a battle, but with regular updates and answers to community feedback, it may be one that Niantic can win.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is available on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

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