Niantic VP Of Marketing Says Harry Potter Wizard's Unite Is 'Coming Soon'

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Considering the renaissance that Pokemon GO has experienced in 2018, it's no surprise that mobile gamers are eagerly awaiting the similar Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite title that Niantic is also working on. The witches and wizards-themed mobile AR game has yet to receive an official release date yet, which means fans are constantly hounding Niantic for any kind of clue.

A recent AMA with the company's VP of Marketing, Bill Kildav, gave the community yet another chance to pummel a Niantic representative with questions about the upcoming slate of mobile AR games and updates. During the Q&A one participant asked for an update on Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite and received an encouraging, but vague answer.

Here's a look at the interaction...

"Is there any indication on the status of Harry Potter Wizards Unite? I feel like I heard it was coming soon then went quiet."

"It's coming soon....."

Harry Potter Wizards Unite gameplay Pokemon GO

That's not really any new information to work with, but it is encouraging that the company isn't backpedaling. Some fans also pointed out that in Kildav's book, Never Lost Again, he says that the game is slated for a 2018 launch. That lines up with the popular prediction that the app will launch in November.

The Harry Potter franchise has long been tied to the late October/November time period in the hearts of its fans and this would give the app a chance to launch near the release of the new Fantastic Beasts movie and help ride the wave of that film's marketing. That said, it does seem a little strange that November is just two months away and there hasn't been any noise about a beta test yet.

Be sure to check back for more Harry Potter news in the coming weeks as more details arrive.

Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite is coming to mobile, but does not currently have a release date.

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