Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR Gameplay Details Revealed

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Niantic, the creator of Pokemon GO and Ingress, is back with a new augmented reality game. In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players take on the role of a Statute of Secrecy Task Force recruit, using magic and spells to "contain a Calamity." Niantic is ready to begin showing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gameplay for the first time, which should be immediately recognizable to Ingress fans. While Harry Potter: Wizards Unite isn't ready for a release date just yet, Niantic plans to launch it on iOS and Android devices in 2019.

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players will be doing their best to maintain the secrecy of magic in the muggle world. They do this by returning Foundables trapped by Confoundable magic to their proper place. These Foundables can be a variety of things like artifacts, memories, creatures, and people, out of place and needing the player to find them, fix them, and return them home.

Beyond Foundables, which will be littered across the real world much like how Pokemon are in Pokemon GO, Wizards Unite players will also take on Fortresses which are found in specific real-world locations. Fortresses host Wizarding Challenges, which are difficult real-time battle events with powerful enemies. Fortresses will also require players to group up to overcome, but will offer greater rewards as a result.

At its heart, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is still an AR game not unlike Niantic's other titles. Players will still be aiming their phones at digital objects and enemies via their camera, pressing on-screen buttons or tracing shapes to use abilities in real-time. Gameplay will have mobile game mechanics like Spell Energy limiting how much players can do at a given time. But in trade, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will let players come close to the reality of using magic and interacting with all of their favorite Harry Potter characters.

Much remains to be shared about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a release date among such details. While Niantic is showing off what combat and the AR aspects of the game look like now, it still has to share what progression systems in Wizards Unite will look like and much, much more. Expect more news from Warner Bros. and Niantic in the weeks to come as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite continues to grow nearer to launch.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite releases in 2019 on iOS and Android devices.

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