After playing through Year 4 for months, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players finally have the chance to start Year 5 in the game. As confirmed by Jam City, Year 5 for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players will begin rolling out today, with some users on Reddit already claiming to have the update.

Besides announcing that Year 5 will be making its way to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players worldwide today, Jam City also teased what Year 5 will have in store. According to Jam City, players will have to take their Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWLs) exams, and while this wasn’t confirmed, it sounds like it will be a limited-time side quest like we saw with Become An Animagus and Become A Prefect. However, that’s just speculation at this time.

Speaking of Become A PrefectHarry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players who managed to successfully complete that side quest will have to fulfill the responsibilities associated with the role. In exchange for their efforts, they will have access to the Prefects’ Bathroom, which is just one of the new locations added in Year 5.

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Besides the Prefects’ Bathroom, Year 5 students will also be able to return to Diagon Alley, and from there, venture to the creepy Knockturn Alley. Hogwarts Mystery players will have other new locations to explore as well, including the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and the History of Magic classroom.

We know that History of Magic will be taught by Professor Binns, like in the novels, but it remains to be seen who the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will be. There’s been some speculation that Madam Rakepick will be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Year 5, but again, that has yet to be confirmed. Hogwarts Mystery players will simply have to play through the new story content to find out the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher’s identity for sure.

In the meantime, it’s also unclear exactly how much new story content Jam City is adding with the Year 5 update.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.