Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Finally Adds Year 4

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Releases First Gameplay Trailer

For the past couple of weeks, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery fans have been patiently awaiting the start of Year 4 in the mobile game. Patient players have finally been rewarded, as Jam City has released Year 4, giving fans the chance to continue their Hogwarts adventure.

Not only can Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players continue the story, but they can access new areas of the castle and start new classes as well. For example, Year 4 is when players are able to start their Care of Magical Creatures classes, where they can research creatures in exchange for attribute points and gems.

Year 4 also seems to bring with it some fixes that have plagued the earlier years in the game. For example, whenever a character is put out of commission in Year 4, that character is no longer showing up in classes and is unavailable for friend encounters. Previously, characters who were supposed to be in the Hospital Wing or missing would still appear, creating some rather sizable plot holes in the process.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery special rewards tease

While it's good that Year 4 is fixing some of the plot holes in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, it seems to have created others. For example, there is a student featured in a side quest who was supposed to graduate the previous year, and none of the dialogue we've seen addresses this issue or explains why they're still hanging around the halls of Hogwarts.

From our own testing, it seems as though Year 4 is still missing some of the features Jam City has promised fans, like adopting pets. It's possible romance options are now available, but we haven't progressed far enough in Year 4 to confirm or deny this. It's also unclear exactly how far players can progress in Year 4 before they will hit another roadblock and have to wait for an additional update from the developers.

In the coming days, the extent of the Year 4 update in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery should become clearer.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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