Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Adds More Year 4 Content

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Last week, developer Jam City finally added Year 4 to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, allowing players to complete the first couple of chapters before hitting yet another roadblock. Now Jam City has updated the financially successful mobile game yet again, adding more Year 4 content for dedicated fans to enjoy.

We can confirm from our own testing that Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players can progress to Year 4 Chapter 5 before being asked to wait for more content. Players will also have the chance to unlock new spells, increase their max energy, and more as part of the new Year 4 content that has been added to the game.

Previously, Jam City seemed to average about one new story chapter per week, but it's now pumping out two chapters per week. It seems likely that this pattern will continue until players reach the end of Year 4, at which point fans should expect another lengthy wait until Year 5 is added to the game.

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At the time of this writing, there is actually more to do in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery than at any other point since the game's release. Not only do players have new Year 4 story content to play through, but they can also earn extra energy, gems, and cosmetic items through the new friend encounters system. Added a couple of weeks back, the friend encounters allow Hogwarts Mystery players to level up their relationship with their friends by selecting the correct answers to a variety of trivia questions.

There's also the first in-game event going on, called Too Cool for School. The Too Cool for School event challenges players to earn 45 stars in their classes, with players unlocking rewards at 5, 10, 25, and 45 stars earned. Through this event, players will be rewarded not only with XP and story progression when they complete classes, but with other goodies as well.

While some fans may be frustrated at the rate Jam City is releasing content for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, others will be happy that they can finally continue their Hogwarts adventures. It will be interesting to see if Jam City keeps to its pattern and releases two more story chapters for next week, or if fans will have to wait a little longer for more content.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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