As Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery fans continue to make their way through the game, a number of issues with it have become apparent. Beyond its heavy use of microtransactions, the game is also being criticized for its numerous plot holes and continuity errors, especially as it pertains to to the Year 2 experience. Be warned that this article will contain spoilers up to Chapter 5 of Year 2 for the game.

In Year 2 of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, players will reach a point where their friend Rowan Khanna is hit by a spell from an ice-covered Cursed Vault door. While Rowan is recovering in the Hospital Wing, he (or she, depending on the gender selected by the player) asks players to honor him by continuing their education and going to classes. More specifically, Rowan wants players to attend the new Potions class that becomes available in Chapter 5.

When players head to this Potions class, taught by a Professor Snape who looks far too old for his age, they will be taught how to brew the Strengthening Solution alongside their classmates. And guess who is part of this class, despite supposedly being bed-ridden in the Hospital Wing? That’s right, Rowan actually attends this Potions class, despite the entire point of this quest being that he can’t continue his coursework for now due to his run-in with the Cursed Vault door.

harry potter hogwarts mystery ben copper

Game Rant readers have pointed out some other plot holes present in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, many of which have to do with the game flat-out ignoring choices players have made at certain points in the story. For example, in Year 1, players are asked to bring Ben Copper or Penny Haywood with them on a quest. Whoever they bring comes in contact with cursed ice, but regardless of player choice, Ben Copper is the one who winds up missing in Year 2.

In another instance, players are taught how to duel by Professor Flitwick, the Charms professor. Flitwick makes the player promise to only duel as self-defense, but later on, he scolds players for dueling with Slytherin student Merula regardless of if it was an act of self-defense or not.

And these are just the plot holes that pertain to the plot of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery itself. When one takes into account the Harry Potter canon as a whole, some other inconsistencies come to light. Besides the aforementioned issue with Snape’s age, the game also mentions the Firebolt brand of broom despite that brand not existing at the time the game is set.

Whether or not Jam City plans on fixing these plot holes remains to be seen, and it will be interesting to see if fans discover even more as they continue to make their way through the game.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.