In a recent update, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery introduced pets. Fans of the game had been asking developer Jam City to introduce the feature almost since launch and so many were delighted that they can now own their own virtual cat, owl, rat or toad. However, these virtual animals don’t just look rather cute, as players have discovered that they will dispense free energy as well.

When players are in their dormitories (an area added with the new update), all of their purchased pets will be displayed around the room. When the pets appear to have fallen asleep, players are able to tap them and in doing so, they will earn one point of free energy. That’s one free energy point per pet, so if players have purchased all four of the available pets, they can get four free energy points at a time by using this method. It’s currently unclear how often Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will allow players to get free energy this way, but the method is still worth making use of.

harry potter hogwarts mystery adds pets toad

It’s also important to point out that this method works regardless of which pet the player has equipped. Players are only able to equip one pet at a time and this pet will accompany them on their questing and adventures. But this has no impact on the ability to get free energy as all of the owned pets will be in the dorm even if only one of them has been equipped.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery already offers various ways of getting free energy. Certain, innocuous characters and sections around Hogwarts and the wider wizarding world can be tapped in order to get free energy. While these locations are not especially highlighted by the game and players have figured them out purely by accident, it’s useful to know them as players may only need a few bits of energy to complete a lesson or story mission.

In fact, these secret locations and the pet method are not the only new ways that players can get free energy. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery recently introduced ads that allow players to get free energy and gems (the game’s premium currency) just by watching a short video advertisement. Some players would just prefer it if Jam City would just slash the time it takes for energy to regenerate, but these new methods are still being welcomed by fans.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit