Despite being lambasted by critics, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery still has its fair share of fans who may be curious as to where the mobile game is headed in the future. We know that a future update will add pets, and as it turns out, future updates could also add some kind of multiplayer component to the game.

This information comes from a recent interview developers Jam City had with Newsweek, where it discussed some of its future plans for the game. While Jam City was hesitant to reveal any concrete details about what multiplayer may look like in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, it did say that the team is “investing in multiple social features.”

What these “social features” are is anyone’s guess, though there seems to be one obvious way to incorporate social features into the game. As pointed out in the aforementioned interview, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery already has a leaderboard in place that shows how much each student has contributed to their house winning the House Cup. This leaderboard is made up of random Hogwarts students, but perhaps a future update will make this an actual leaderboard that incorporates scores of Hogwarts Mystery players all over the world.

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In fact, this seems like a way Jam City could create an endgame for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The game is more or less a visual novel, and the main driving force behind playing it is to see what happens in the story. However, a global leaderboard where players keep attending lessons and completing events in an effort to help their house win the House Cup could keep players engaged after Year 7 is complete.

Of course, it’s possible Year 7 is quite a ways off. At the time of this writing, Hogwarts Mystery players can barely start Year 3 before they hit a roadblock and can’t progress any further in the game. Future updates will undoubtedly continue the story, as well as unlock other areas in Hogwarts for players to explore, and it’s hard to say how soon fans can expect these updates to make their way to the game.

Whether or not any of these “social features” will be added during one of these story updates or if fans have to wait until after Year 7 is complete remains to be seen. Fans will just have to wait for Jam City to share more information.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Newsweek