Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players are currently enjoying their way through the 80s workout and Animagus events and some are catching up on the new releases of story content. Developer Jam City isn’t resting on its laurels, though, as the developer is preparing even more events and games for players to take part in.

The information regarding new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery content comes from the HPHM Discord, which has datamined the games files to uncover yet unreleased features. According to the latest batch of info, Jam City may be preparing to introduce a wizard’s chess mini-game. Datamined files include four separate mentions of wizards chess, including a “ChessSet” string and another that says “wizardsChessGround.”

Wizard’s chess is a dangerous, life-sized version of the iconic board game and fans may remember it from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Winning a game of wizard’s chess is one of the tasks that Harry, Hermione, and Ron must complete in order to get to the stone.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery wizard's chess datamine

In franchise canon, each Hogwarts house has a wizard’s chess champion. So if this was to be turned into an event for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, perhaps players could compete to earn the most points for their house, unlocking a global reward. It’s also possible that the mini-game/event works like the recent Duelling Club event, which added a competitive twist to the game.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hagrid's birthday datamine

The Discord group has also datamined multiple references to a Hagrid’s birthday event. Leaked dialogue shows a scene in which an unnamed professor calls the player character the “best person to help organise Hagrid’s special day.” It also sounds as though players will have to look for something to wear to the party, some ingredients (presumably¬†for a birthday cake), and players will also be able to choose an exotic creature to give Hagrid as a gift (either a murtlap, portlock, or a fire crab).

The datamined info doesn’t mention when this content may be released, but it’s worth noting that the 80s workout event began just days after the data was first mined. It’s also important to note that Hagrid’s birthday is believed to be December 6 but if the content has been uncovered now, it’s unlikely that Jam City plans to wait until then to officially release it.

Whenever the content is released, it may be an entertaining stopgap until the upcoming Year 5 content also makes it to the game. It seems that Jam City is finalizing the touches on these story chapters, but the wizard’s chess and Hagrid’s birthday updates may keep fans entertained in the meantime.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available for Android and iOS devices.

Source: HPHM Discord