Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Reveals Most Popular House

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has been met with a great deal of criticism since its launch, with many detractors pointing out how the gameplay experience revolves almost entirely around its microtransactions. Despite these criticisms, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has proven itself to be a successful mobile venture, and it seems as though dedicated fans have played it quite a bit since launch.

According to a new infographic released on the official Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Facebook page, 225 million spells have been cast in the game since launch. Additionally, players have earned a total of 3.1 billion house points while attempting to win the House Cup, and they've also had Fang fetch 35 million sticks. For the uninitiated, having Hagrid's puppy Fang fetch a stick in the Castle Grounds is one way players can earn free energy in the game.

The infographic reveals some other statistics about player engagement with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, like the fact that the vast majority of players chose the same dialogue option when asked by Professor Flitwick if they were going to follow the rules. The infographic also reveals that, unsurprisingly, the most popular house in the game is Gryffindor, followed by Slytherin, then Ravenclaw, and finally Hufflepuff.

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Gryffindor being the most popular house in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery should come as no surprise to fans of the franchise. After all, Gryffindor is the house the titular Harry Potter belongs to, and it's also the house some major characters in the new game are a part of as well, including Ben Copper, Bill Weasley, and more.

In fact, many of the choices players can make in the game seem to be presented under the assumption that players selected the Gryffindor house. Gryffindors are known for their bravery, and regardless if players are a part of Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, many of the story developments in the mobile game force them to act like a stereotypical Gryffindor. Along with the heavy use of microtransactions, this has been the source of criticism from the community.

Despite its issues, it's clear that Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a popular game with fans of the franchise, and it will be interesting to see if it can continue to put up impressive numbers moving forward.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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