Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery - Who is Barnaby Lee?

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery may be getting quite a bit of criticism for its excessive microtransactions, but the game has also managed to become somewhat popular thanks to the large and passionate Harry Potter fanbase. Some Harry Potter fans have been able to look beyond the restrictive business model in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery to enjoy the new lore it's adding to the franchise, which includes the introduction of brand new characters, such as Slytherin student Barnaby Lee.

Barnaby Lee appears in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery in the list of friends players can meet during the course of the game. However, it appears as though the mysterious character isn't actually available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery at the time of this writing. He is the last available friend on the list, and his description reads: "It's not yet clear how to get closer to this person..."

The other characters on the list include recognizable characters like Bill Weasly and Nymphadora Tonks, as well as new faces, such as Tulip Karasu and Ben Copper. Before players unlock these characters, the game states that they will be unlocked once a certain year in Hogwarts is reached. For example, Bill Weasly is unlocked in Year 2, and Nymphadora Tonks is unlocked in Year 3.

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The reason why Barnaby Lee isn't available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery as of yet is possibly because he will be unlocked in Years 4, 5, 6, or 7, which aren't accessible at this time. It seems likely that developers Jam City and Portkey Games will be adding these later years in future updates, after many players have managed to play through the first three years in the game.

While some may be disappointed that they can't meet Barnaby Lee in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery quite yet, at least they can interact with and level up the other friends currently available in the game. In total, there are six different friends players can interact with in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery right now, assuming they are far enough into the game to do so.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to learning more about the mysterious first year Slytherin Barnaby Lee at some point in the future.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Reddit

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