Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Adds Animagus Event

harry potter hogwarts mystery animagus event

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players are still waiting for Jam City to add Year 5 to the game, but in the meantime, the studio has released the Animagus limited-time event. This latest event in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery comes with a three day time limit, but if successfully completed, will allow players to transform into an animal.

This side quest consists of four distinct parts, and each part has its own set of objectives. After completing the first part, players will earn some coins. Completing the second and third parts will unlock free gems, and finally, completing the fourth part will see players complete their quest to become an Animagus.

This side quest is very similar to the Become A Prefect side quest that Jam City ran a couple of weeks ago in that it is a special limited-time event that will see players miss out on some rather exciting advancement for their character if they fail. Also like the Become A Prefect side quest, the Become An Animagus side quest has been made available during an "off" week where Jam City chose not to add any new main story content to the game.

Since the Become An Animagus side quest was just added to the game a couple of hours ago, there is still a lot about it we don't know. Based on the image released by Jam City, it appears as though players will be able to choose between transforming into a dog, an owl, or a cat, but it's possible that other animals will be available to choose from as well. Furthermore, it may be that the animal players transform into is actually tied to one's house and they won't get a choice, but that's just speculation at this time.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact this side quest has on the greater Hogwarts Mystery story. After all, the ability to transform into an animal is a rather significant power in Harry Potter lore, and the side quest also introduces the new Ravenclaw student named Talbott Winger, who could very well become an official "friend" of the main character at some point in the future.

As players progress through the Become An Animagus side quest, we'll have a clearer idea of what exactly it entails.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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