Spurred by the success of Pokemon GO, one fan created a magical concept trailer for Harry Potter GO, making a compelling argument for Niantic to take on the project.

With Pokemon GO finding so much success with gamers around the world, many have started to wonder if the game’s developer, Niantic, will branch out and take on other properties. Recently, one fan showed off a vision of Destiny GO that would capture the action of Destiny and the “get outside” nature of Pokemon GO.

It seems the creative juices for some gamers haven’t let up, as another fan envisions a mobile game built around the wonderful world of Harry Potter. As the below fan-made trailer shows, the Harry Potter world could work well with Pokemon GO gaming model.

We’ll note that a rumor circulated a couple weeks ago that Niantic was working on Harry Potter GO, but those rumors were quickly dispelled. Still, that hasn’t seemed to stop some gamers from dreaming of life as a wizard or witch in their communities, as the trailer shows.

The creator of the trailer, who goes by Stargaze Media on YouTube, suggests players would focus on catching the many fantastic beasts found in the Harry Potter universe. Similar to how players use Pokeballs in Pokemon GO, gamers would use a magic wand to place a spell on beasts, allowing players to capture them.

Additionally, players would choose one of the four Hogwarts houses to join and could collect cards of famous witches and wizards at the “Magic Stops.” One of the most interesting ideas would see the GPS-generated world mapped like the marauder’s map that Harry Potter and his friends use in the movies to travers Hogwarts unnoticed.

While Niantic – or anyone else for that matter – has yet to announce any follow-up games to Pokemon GO, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the developer introduce new location-based augmented reality games in the future. Considering the fact that Pokemon GO generated $200 million in revenue it’s first month, continuing the trend with new IPs seems like a no-brainer for Niantic.

Also, considering how much success Telltale Games has had with their episodic storytelling games, it seems like this would be the obvious next step for Niantic. The development team already has the basic programming in place, and are hard at work fixing issues and adding new features to Pokemon GO, they could easily recreate their magic with Harry Potter, Destiny, and many other similar games.

What do you think of the Harry Potter GO trailer? Would you like to see Niantic take on additional properties like Destiny and Harry Potter?

Source: Stargaze Media – YouTube