Harmonix Is Cooking Up More Than One All New Music Game Experience

Harmonix Team Releasing New Music Titles Games

When it comes to hip hopping, head banging, face melting games, the original Guitar Hero developer, now Viacom owned, Harmonix is at the top of the charts.

Life after Guitar Hero wasn’t difficult for Harmonix. Shortly after departing they created the very successful Rock Band series. At that time rhythm games were at their peak, but things didn’t last long for the genre and companies investing in the fad needed to starting thinking of creative new ideas before fading into obscurity. Dance Central was unveiled in 2010 for the fledgling Kinect and since that time has become the second best selling game for the Xbox 360 peripheral. Since then a sequel was released just last week and 2011 has been an especially profitable year for Harmonix.

Harmonix doesn’t seem to want to stop there, however, realizing the demand for fresh music experiences is still a worthwhile investment (the demise of Guitar Hero is evidence that innovation is key), they are already developing new titles for the music and rhythm genre.

According to Bloomberg, in an interview with Harmonix Chief Operating Officer, Florian Hunziker, "The company is developing multiple new music games that won’t resemble Rock Band or Dance Central."

At this point it’s hard to imagine where these games can go as most ground has been covered. The developer will really have to start thinking outside the box on this one - so we took it upon ourselves to make a list of unique suggestions for our friends over at Harmonix:

  • Dulcimer Hero: The string instrument of the United States Appalachians is perfect for branching out into everything from traditional folk to experimental forms of song. The downside to this is that playable tunes will be scarce since it’s rarely used in popular music. That and the fact that most people don't know what a dulcimer is.
Dulcimer Guitar Hero Parody

  • Peruvian Flute Band: Popular in shopping malls and outside venues, Peruvian flute bands have been growing in inconspicuous popularity. If you aren't a fan of the music, just think of the avatar costumes!
Peruvian Flute Rock Band Parody
  • Tap Dance Central: Tap Dancing used to be one of the manliest and attractive dance forms in the early days of American cinema. Revived again in the 90’s with Lord of the Dance, it always seems to come back in one form or another - and it’s the perfect recipe for a hit. From musicals to Irish jigs, how could it fail?

There you are Harmonix, just a few ideas to get those wheels in motion. Think you have the perfect next gen music game idea? Leave a comment telling us what you would like to see.

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Source: Bloomberg [via VG24/7]

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