The intrepid internet detective by the online name of Superannuation has done it again! Previously, the user has uncovered the production of games such as Borderlands 2 and even predicted things like Far Cry 3 being unveiled at E3 2011.

The latest news to drop from the user is that Harmonix seems to be producing an adventure-type music game as indicated by several new positions they’ve posted on an industry job website.

Superannuation discovered that Harmonix has several new job listings on the website Careers Arcade, where development studios can post listing for related industry professionals. Within this site, they’ve listed several unique positions such as a Narrative Designer for a new ‘unique motion gaming IP’. It seems the new game will have a large, immersive story – the requirements on the listing demand that the narrative designer create “emotionally compelling storylines that serve as the basis for game levels.

If it sounds like Harmonix is breaking away from the music genre, the next listing brings things back around:  a senior content designer is required for a “groundbreaking music game.” Considering that Rock Band Blitz has already been announced, it’s unlikely that they’re talking about an existing IP. Lastly, a Senior Level Designer is required for creating combat encounters and AI behaviors.

Harmonix COO Florian Hunziker had previously stated that the company is creating new games that break from the usual mold of the titular music-game studio, and given the job listings posted by Harmonix, the following seems like a drastic understatement:

The company is developing multiple new music games that won’t resemble Rock Band or Dance Central.

Since they’re currently going through the hiring phase for this intriguing project, it’s unlikely that we’ll be hearing news on the title for some time – expect more info next year (maybe E3 2013) as opposed to 2012.

What do you think about a Final Fantasy-sounding musical adventure game produced by Harmonix? Do you have any ideas what this music game could possibly be? At the very least, we can probably expect a music rhythm action game better than Zombie Slayer Diox.

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Source: Superannuation [via VG247]