Harmonix Revealing Significant News at E3

harmonix revealing significant news at e3

Harmonix product development VP, Greg LoPiccolo, recently stated that Harmonix will have at least one piece of significant news for this year's E3. Of course, Game Rant will be there to cover all the E3 2011 news as it breaks but in the meantime we can speculate about what Harmonix might be bringing to the big show.

Harmonix is known for its music games, starting with games like Frequency and Amplitude, striking it huge with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and then moving to the Kinect exclusive Dance Central. While Dance Central has sold well for Harmonix and helped convince some gamers to purchase a Kinect, the studio has seen better days, recently being sold off by MTV Games parent company Viacom.

There has not been much in the way of new game news from the studio since that sale. A big E3 announcement could be one reason why. Making a splash at arguably the biggest event in gaming could go a long way to help the studio regain its place in the gaming world.

Just because Harmonix has made so many great music games does not mean its next game will necessarily be another music game, however. Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos previously mentioned how the studio remains interested in motion gaming. Perhaps Harmonix will announce another Kinect title, one that appeals more to the core gamer? Or perhaps Harmonix will take the Nintendo press-conference stage and announce something big for the much-rumored Wii 2/Project Cafe?

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Harmonix E3 announcement will deliver the goods? Do you think their announcement will be some form of music game or do you think the studio will be stepping out of its comfort zone? Do you think there is any chance the project will make its debut during the Nintendo press conference as a Wii 2 game? What would you like to see in the announcement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: IndustryGamers

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