10 Of The Hardest Games To Speedrun (That Gamers Tried To Do Anyway)

Speedrunning is something that gamers do to prove how good they are at the video game. Speedruns are exactly what they sound like — attempting to complete a whole video game in as little time as possible. From platformers to action games, there are thousands of YouTube videos where people attempt to speedrun every game imaginable.

And some of these should be impossible. Some games are so difficult or intricate that they just aren't made for speedrunning. But that stop the online community of gamers? Of course it didn't. They tried their best anyway, and some of them succeeded pretty admirably in their efforts. How long do you think it took them to get good at these?

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10 The Lion King

The Lion King Actually, it was made difficult on purpose so that people renting it couldn't complete the game in a short amount of time and would end up having to buy a pretty retro game that was released on Sega, and it was infamously difficult for a kids game. Quite the money-making scheme. The second level especially is notoriously difficult, featuring both a puzzle and difficult platformer element that will have you weeping and tearing your hair out.

9 Cloudberry Kingdom

Cloudberry Kingdom was a platformer released on PS3 with hundreds of levels. There are people on YouTube who play the game for the first time and show hours upon hours of gameplay, trying to use the guides and still unable to complete it. And then there are the people who can speedrun it.


Cloudberry is supposed to be ridiculously impossible. Really, that's kind of the point. And here are the gaming community, out to prove it wrong.

8 Bloodborne

The Dark Souls games are notoriously difficult, perhaps none more so than Bloodbornespeedrun the entire game in half an hourThe enemies are tricky to beat with very specific patterns, the controls can be hard to grasp, and the game can take hours to even get the hang of, let alone beat. Many people give up on the first boss, and yet there are people out here who can .

7 Doom

Every version of Doom has people attempting to speedrun, and many have failed...

Yet, there is someone who set the world record by speedrunning the 2016 Ultimate Doom on Ultra Nightmare mode. It's hard to imagine how many hours it took to get this good, and we have so many questions. Did this gamer dedicate years of their life to this game? Or is it just that some people have a natural aptitude for these stupidly difficult games and manage to catch the patterns quicker than most?

6 Spelunky

Platformer Spelunky someone has, of course, speedran this one toois another notoriously difficult game, with a second game coming for us. But gamers will not be deterred by these games that everyone knows is difficult — , and done it with awesome timing. It makes us wonder how long it'll be before someone speedruns the second game after its release. With how good the gaming community is getting recently, watch someone post a YouTube video within a week.

5 Outlast

Outlast is difficult to speedrun for a different reason: it requires caution.

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A survival horror game where you have to creep through an asylum and not be spotted by the monsters that now dwell there, it requires careful precision with movements. Speedrunning this game would require noting every monster's location, every movement, and would require an incredible memory. But not only has this person speedrun it, they've done it on the most difficult setting.

4 Cuphead

Cuphead is perhaps the most difficult run-and-gun game out there. The controls and concept are simple, but that doesn't mean the game is — this game has caused players frustrations for a long time. But there's a speedrun out there for just about every game now and of course, that means there's one for this. Watch in envy as this person completes the game in a ridiculously short time (a world record, actually) and wonder just how they do it.

Where do we get these skills, seriously?

3 The Super Mario Series

The Super Mario series should be another difficult one to speedrun — a single game would be, let alone the entire series — yet you only need to search for this on YouTube to get a plethora of results. Many people have mastered speedrunning this game, a task that might have seemed impossible to us Nintendo owners fifteen years ago, and it truly is a sign of just how advanced the gaming community has become.

2 The Legend Of Zelda Series

In much the same fashion, it's become a trend to speedrun The Legend of Zelda games, from classics like Ocarina of Time to the newer games like Breath of the Wild. We can't really understand why one would want to speedrun a game like that when there's so much to see and do, so much breath-taking scenery, but we also kind of get it. The internet and gaming community clout from being that good that you've mastered the game so quickly is probably worth it. You enjoyed it the first time around.

1 Skyrim

This RPG is infamous for sucking away social lives, requiring hours upon days of play to be completed, and here someone is speedrunning it. Of course, it may seem bizarre at first and downright impossible, but it's not if you really think about it. Although this game has a bunch of side quests and things to do, powering through the main quest will take a lot of time off the play — it's just much more difficult to do if you don't take the time to level up. Apparently this wasn't much of an obstacle here though, since this gamer has completed it in an absolutely baffling amount of time.

Can you speedrun any games?

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