Hard Reset, the first title to be released from Polish developer Flying Wild Hog, finally has its first trailer. Hard Reset is a first person shooter featuring a dark sci-fi setting and what Flying Wild Hog describes as “old school shooter” gameplay.

Hard Reset follows the story of Major Fletcher, a combat veteran and a member of a military force known as the CLN.  Fletcher finds himself on the city of Bezoar, the last remaining human city and is soon dragged into a conflict between two of humanity’s greatest enemies. The title will be single player only.

Though no gameplay is shown [Update: The first Hard Reset gameplay trailer is now out – watch it here!], the trailer does display the beautiful and somber environments found in Hard Reset and gives way to its cyberpunk setting. Judging by the trailer, Hard Reset looks to be a game with a heavy focus on atmosphere. This becomes very apparent during the trailer, which shows a plethora of detailed environments and beautiful character models.

Flying Wild Hog, a studio whose talent is comprised of developers who worked on Bulletstorm, Sniper and The Witcher 2 previously, promises that there will be more than enough of action for shooter fans.  Those interested in the game should be enthusiastic to hear that will be large arsenal of weapons to choose from and plenty of enemies to use them on, including what the developer describes as epic boss fights.

See for yourself:

[bitsontherun 337TbLBd]

Physics and dynamic environments are also said to have an important role in the gameplay however, few details have been given at this time.  One part of the trailer seems to take place from the perspective of someone free falling, which may hint at the type of gameplay one can expect when Hard Reset lands later this year.

Below are the newly released Hard Reset screenshots:

Very similar looking aesthetic to Prey 2.

Does Hard Reset look to impress you or do you think the environment is one we’ve already seen in games like BioShock or Prey 2?

Hard Reset will release September 2011 for the PC.