Hearing Flying Wild Hog describe their upcoming PC-exclusive game, Hard Reset, as an “old school shooter” sounds refreshing for us veteran FPS fans. But then, we recall the return of the King in Duke Nukem Forever and all of a sudden, “old school shooter” is a negative connotation. Luckily for us, Hard Reset doesn’t look to suffer from the plethora of problems Duke’s overly long return faced.

Two weeks ago, Flying Wild Hog introduced Hard Reset to the world with a pretty CGI trailer and some screenshots but today is the first time we get to see this high-paced shooter in action.

Seeing a game built for the PC, only releasing on the PC, is a welcome phenomenon nowdays since most franchises have gone the way of the consoles. And no one can deny that when games make the jump from PC to consoles, they suffer from the inevitable but undeniable “dumbing down.” While we have to wait to see what the Flying Wild Hog team, 35 people strong and formed from talent who worked on BulletstormSniper and The Witcher 2 previously, are bringing with their first game, the screenshots and gameplay sure look a lot better than Duke Nukem Forever.

Take a look at the very first Hard Reset gameplay trailer:


The best way to describe the gameplay is to say it’s like Painkiller but taking place in Prey 2’s maps, with total “electrical destruction” as this trailer was described in the press release. It looks fast, it looks fun, and it’s definitely a shout out to the “old school shooter” mentality of running and gunning.

Hard Reset is a single player game which takes place in a future where robots have annihilated most of humankind. Its story follows veteran Major Fletcher, an army veteran of the CLN as he gets caught in the middle of a war between “two of mankind’s greatest enemies” in the last remaining human settlement known as Bezoar.

Hard Reset will release September 2011 for the PC.

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