Halo Wars makes its well-anticipated return with two new trailers revealed courtesy of E3. A week long beta is available now for players on Xbox One and will be coming to Windows 10.

Although it seems that there’s not going to be a main Halo title announced at this year’s E3, Microsoft has revealed new details about the upcoming Halo Wars 2, including two brand new trailers.

The announcement trailer for the second installment in the Halo Wars franchise shows the Spirit of Fire and her crew, led by Captain Cutter facing off against a deadly new faction known as The Banished. The deadly enemy chief who made an appearance in the game’s announcement trailer last year, is revealed to be a Brute Warlord by the name of Atriox. The cheiftain is reportedly not only a deadly warrior, but also a brilliant military commander, shown to be able to go up against Cutter with ease.

According to Xbox, the key to victory in Halo Wars 2 is knowing your enemy, but “Atriox is a threat that no one is prepared for.” For those curious about the new Halo Wars title, it seems you’re in luck, as the game’s week-long multiplayer beta is available right now on Xbox One and is soon coming to Windows 10, allowing players to jump right into the action. A second trailer has been released, showing off some of the impressive gameplay that players will see in the beta.

This beta was leaked earlier this week due to a mistimed page release on the Xbox Games Store, though the page did not reveal that the beta would also be available on PC. This is likely part of Microsoft’s ‘Play Anywhere’ initiative which sees Xbox gamers able to pick up and play their games through synchronized saves on Xbox One and PC.

Halo Wars 2 takes place in the “largest Halo battlefield ever” so it’s safe to say that it’ll be step up in scale from the first game, which is only to be expected given the 7 year gap between the titles. Players will once again have to gather their forces as they rush to upgrade their bases. Once enough forces are gathered, players must race to destroy the enemy with overwhelming firepower, meaning that the key to victory is playing strategically and efficiently.

It seems that last week’s Halo Wars art leak is more important than we realized, with the image being the cover of the game’s Xbox One disk case. The image shows the return of the Ark from Halo 3‘s mission ‘The Covenant’ and likely confirms that Halo Wars 2 will take place before the events of the 2007 classic.

Will you be playing the beta Ranters?

Halo Wars 2 releases February 21 for Xbox One and Windows 10.