Rumor Patrol: Halo Wars 2 Open Beta Arrives Next Week


A mistimed Xbox Games Store page for Halo Wars 2 leaks information regarding an open beta that is planned to coincide with Microsoft's E3 press conference.

While many companies like Bungie and Ubisoft had scheduled video game reveals lined up this week, others suffered a number of pre-E3 leaks. News about Watch Dogs 2 and Injustice 2 leaked early thanks to mistimed marketing campaigns, and the potential for a Devil May Cry 5 may have been outed through one of the voice actors working on it. The trend continues again today as it appears that an E3 related surprise lined up by Microsoft has been spoiled thanks to someone launching Halo Wars 2 details on the Xbox Marketplace a little too early.

According to the now taken down page in the Xbox Games Store, it appears than an open beta for Halo Wars 2 is being planned to launch along side Microsoft's E3 press conference this coming Monday, June 13. The 13 GB download is no longer available on the store front and players are no longer able to search for it either. Provided this is actually happening, fans can expect to get their hands on it starting next Monday and having access to it until it ends a week later on June 20.

halo wars 2 open beta

While Microsoft has yet to confirm the rumor and even though things look pretty clear cut, fans should take this news with a grain of salt just to be safe. Either way, there's not too much longer to wait until the reveal potentially happens anyway.

Originally revealed at Gamescom 2015, Halo Wars 2 is in development with Sega's Creative Assembly studio, which is well known for its work in the RTS genre through the Total War games. While little has been said about the game since its initial trailer, another leak that took place last week revealed some art from the upcoming strategy game showing off potential enemies players will be fighting against, but also some locations as well. Fans are now speculating that Halo Wars 2 takes place before the events of Halo 3 thanks to what appears to be a fully intact Ark, essentially the last battle in that game.

Microsoft has already stated multiple times that it has a few surprises in store for fans and believe E3 2016 will be special. Though details as to what it's showing outside of name titles like Gears of War 4 have not been revealed, it's clear based on this rumor alone that the company has some big plans, and potentially more surprises up its sleeves.

Halo Wars 2 is tentatively scheduled for release sometime later this Fall.

Source: Lifelower - Twitter

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