Halo Wars 2 Will Receive New Campaign Missions

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Despite not making the top ten selling games list for February 2017, critics seemed to largely agree that Halo Wars 2 is a fun game for anyone looking to explore the same universe that Master Chief calls home – albeit through the lens of a different protagonist in another genre. Even though may players have likely put a bow on the campaign by now, Microsoft still appears eager to support the game. The first step in demonstrating its commitment to the title has just arrived in the form of the brand new leader Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano, but apparently this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to additional content.

Taking to Halo Waypoint, Microsoft further detailed the new character (which is available for $5.99 USD for those without the season pass) and played up the fire-focused elements of the leader. The new Legendary Unit accompanying the head honcho is none other than a Cyclops Mech that dual-wields flamethrowers to maximize damage on enemy structures. There are a handful of other goodies that are following Kinsano's arrival to Halo Wars 2, ranging from a Flame Warthog to the explosive Hell Charge ability, and the following trailer does a good job at showcasing all of that:

Despite placing Kinsano at the forefront of this announcement, the team also touched upon future plans for additional content. Without divulging too many details, it was confirmed that fans could expect quite a bit of additional content in the coming months. In fact, they can plan on Halo Wars 2 DLC to arrive "every month" for the foreseeable future – provided they're willing to spend the real world cash to obtain it. At least, that's according to community manager for 343 Industries, Ske7ch.

"Going forward, players can expect a new Halo Wars 2 content drop every month and can look forward to more leaders (each with unique units and abilities) in addition to a couple of new campaign missions."

Details are still missing in action in regards to what the future campaign add-ons will contain, but since 343 Industries has claimed that the events of Halo Wars 2 will have a big impact on Halo 6, it really could be anything. Additionally, there's no telling which leaders from Halo lore could show up as DLC, and that's sure to be an exciting premise for fans of the franchise.

Halo Wars 2 is currently available on Windows PC and Xbox One.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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