343 Industries studio head Dan Ayoub announces that the multiplayer beta for Halo Wars 2 is getting an extension due to high demand, and will now finish on Wednesday.

It’s likely that E3 2016 is going to be remembered for the large number of leaks that appeared in advance of the expo’s launch just as much as for the games involved. One of those titles that suffered at the hands of leaked news was Halo Wars 2, the strategy game from Creative Assembly and 343 Industries. A mistimed Xbox Games Store page update accidentally leaked the news of an open beta for the title’s multiplayer, and the information was proved entirely accurate when E3 rolled around.

The beta was then announced by Microsoft during the event, with Halo Wars 2 receiving a brand new trailer confirming that the beta would be starting on June 13 and running through to June 20. As it turns out, it seems as though this beta test has proved rather popular – so much so that 343 Industries is extending it until Wednesday, June 22.

The news was confirmed by 343 Industries studio head Dan Ayoub over on Twitter. The studio head stated that “because so many folk have asked, we’re extending the HW2 beta to Wednesday!” This news was also confirmed over on the official Halo channel.

Yup!! Because so many folk have asked, we're extending the HW2 beta to Wednesday! #HaloWars2— Dan Ayoub (@Danayoub) June 18, 2016

This is certainly good news for fans of the game, as it gives them a couple of extra days to get to grips with the title, and get a better feel over what has changed between the original and this upcoming sequel. It’s also good news for 343 Industries, as it will allow users a longer period of time to discover areas of the game that could be improved upon in the final version. The developer has a second beta planned closer to Halo Wars 2‘s release, and will no doubt want to get plenty of improvements in between now and then.

The beta leak was far from the only leak that Halo Wars 2 suffered from running up to E3 2016. The game also saw the leak of some important art work, which led many gamers to speculate on the game’s setting. Up until this point, fans had been kept fairly in the dark over Halo Wars 2, so the leak of such important information is sure to have been awkward reading for Microsoft.

Halo Wars 2 was initially revealed back at Gamescom 2015. The game will be part of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative, meaning that those who purchase the title on PC will also receive the game on Xbox One. Hopefully, feedback from the beta will lead to players wanting to play the game on any device possible.

Halo Wars 2 will be released on February 21, 2017, for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Dan Ayoub (Twitter)