In the latest blog post, 343 Industries reveals the official Achievement list for Halo Wars 2, and answers fan questions including whether or not a map editor is included.

After almost eight years, Microsoft is now only a week away before early access begins for Halo Wars 2, the latest entry in its real time strategy series. Even being so close to release, new details are still coming out about the title, such as the recently revealed Blitz mode, which completely remixes the traditional RTS formula with faster gameplay and the use of card packs instead of bases. New details have started to appear this week as well, including whether or not the game will allow players to create their own custom maps.

In the latest weekly blog post on the 343 Industries site, the developer took a moment to answer a number of questions fans had following the most recent beta test. One of the big questions the developer received was whether or not a map editor would be coming inside of the retail package as well. Unfortunately for fans, there are no current plans to include a map editing or creation tool, similar to what Warcraft III or StarCraft II offer players on the PC. Considering the mainline Halo games feature the Forge map editing tool, this news may disappoint some longtime Halo fans.

The beta also gave the team a number of things to look at and as a result, the retail release will benefit from it. General improvements have been made to things like the UI, in-game performance, load times, and network reliability. In addition, certain units have also been tweaked like the Scarab which is now able to fire upon enemy units that are in closer range. The Locust unit was apparently a powerhouse during the beta as it had its total DPS, health, and shields reduced as well.

The last major announcement in the post revolved around gamerscore as the complete list of achievements was also posted. As expected, Halo Wars 2 comes with a full 1,000 gamerscore to unlock through 57 total achievements. To unlock everything, players will need to play the tutorial, beat campaign missions solo and through co-op, find hidden skulls, play Blitz and many more multiplayer oriented achievements as well. The full list can be found here, but do keep in mind that it may contain spoilers.

For a bit of lighthearted fun, Microsoft just recently released a pair of live action shorts which depict main characters Captain James Cutter and primary antagonist Atriox fighting over common, every day situations. The first situation pairs these two characters on a small airplane, battling over the use of an arm rest, while the second trailer depicts Atroix attempting to convince Cutter into buying a used car for a higher than expected price.

Are you disappointed there will be no editor in the game? Would you like to see the feature added down the road? Let us know what you’re thinking below in the comments.

Halo Wars 2 launches on February 21, 2017 for Xbox One and Windows 10.