Halo Inducted into Video Game Hall of Fame

halo combat evolved video game hall of fame

It is hard to accurately convey the importance of the Halo series to the video game industry, especially to those unfamiliar with the game's humble beginnings as a fresh first-person shooter IP for Microsoft's Xbox console. What started as a promising release for an equally intriguing system quickly became the flagship series for Microsoft's Xbox, and it isn't hyperbole to suggest that the iconic Master Chief redefined the way developers approached first-person shooters and online multiplayer, especially on consoles. Halo: Combat Evolved's impact on modern gaming was massive, and that impact is being recognized now by the Video Game Hall of Fame according to the official Halo Twitter account.

The Twitter announcement was short and sweet, and not many details were provided outside of Halo: Combat Evolved's official induction, but it's another major accolade for a game that has been lauded with them over its sixteen year lifespan. The Halo Twitter was quick to shout out Bungie - who no longer works on Halo titles, but developed Combat Evolved - and the series' fans for making the induction possible:

It has been a long time coming for Halo: Combat Evolved, and judging from the Twitter reaction to the original tweet, fans are overjoyed that one of the games that defined the era of Console Wars is back in the spotlight. It isn't hyperbole to suggest that Microsoft's gaming division simply wouldn't be the powerhouse it is today without the success of Master Chief and friends - Halo has sold more than 65 million units as a franchise, and has buoyed different generations of Xbox consoles through hard times before.

More recently, however, Halo has become a much more fluid series capable of providing meaningful entries into more than just one genre. Halo Wars: Definitive Edition got a standalone release on Steam last month, and the follow-up to that RTS classic, Halo Wars 2, has been well-received by gamers as well.

halo video game hall of fame

These alternative takes on the Halo universe wouldn't be possible without the timeless quality of Halo: Combat Evolved, though. There aren't many people who would argue Halo: Combat Evolved doesn't deserve a place in the Video Game Hall of Fame, and for everyone else, it's the celebratory culmination of over a decade of influence on the first-person shooter genre and on video games as a whole. From all of us here at Game Rant - congratulations and well-deserved, Halo!

Source: Twitter

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